About Us

NHC Pharmaceuticals Limited was incorporated in November 2012.

The establishment of the company was borne out of the need to sanitize the chaotic drug distribution in Nigeria which often cast doubts on the authenticity and potency of pharmaceuticals procured by pharmacies and hospitals and ultimately hamper the health of many Nigerians. As pharmaceutical wholesalers, we bridge the gap between companies that do not want to compromise the quality of products sourced and suppliers who are conscious of the fact that quality processes must be maintained throughout the value chain. We rely on our extensive network of partners across the globe to source and procure genuine pharmaceuticals and sundry items and ensure that the potency is not compromised in transit to the customer.



 Our vision is to build a world class company where employees are inspired to put in their best and in so doing, add value to a network of customers and suppliers.


We proffer solutions to the myriad of challenges our partners are faced with by deploying creative, innovative products and services that add value to our partners’ businesses.

Our focus is to make available to our teeming customers across the country, high quality pharmaceutical products that are stored and transported in accordance with WHO good distribution guidelines. We partner with reputable manufacturing companies, distributors and importers who are conscious of the need to ensure that the quality of their products is not compromised till they get to the final consumer. As a company, we embrace relevant technology that will enhance the delivery of our objectives.
We are registered with the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria and licensed to carry out the following activities among other things:

  •  Operate as a Licensed Pharmaceutical Company.
  •  Source and procurepharmaceuticals and medical products from any part of the world.
  •  Act as manufacturer’s representative / distributor of pharmaceutical products.
  •  Compound, mix, prepare and distribute drugs and poisons.

Our core strength lies in our ability to source products from across the globe, a trait that is borne out of our in-depth knowledge (with 22 years cumulative experience) of the pharmaceutical business locally and on the global scene. We operate an e-commerce platform which enables retail outlets and hospitals to focus on their practice while we ensure that they are stocked with the appropriate products to enhance the delivery of their services to the patients. As core professionals, our processes are guided by standard operating guidelines and good distribution guidelines in line with international best practice.

Our customers are treated like partners and we work hand-in-hand to improve the delivery of services to patients. As a company that believes in adding value, our partners enjoy numerous innovative value added services that help to galvanize their businesses for better competition. We offer both online and in-store services to our partners who are located in different parts of the country. Essentially, we are an extension of the back-end for our partner companies. Our shop floor is available round the clock via our online platform which can be accessed from mobile devices and computers.

If your goal is to increase efficiency and drive productivity in your operations, we invite you to leverage on our extensive network of suppliers, manufacturers, business consultants and in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry to deliver quality patient care in your community. As a customer-centric organization, we work hand in hand with our customers to assess needs and deliver corresponding solutions/product needs.  

 At NHC Pharmaceuticals, we take partnership to new levels. For our loyal customers, there is the opportunity of enrolling in VALUEPLUS CLUB, an exclusive club with privileges. Members accumulate loyalty points for stocking certain products from our partner companies.  The loyalty points can be traded for internet enabled computers, electronics, consultancy services and many more solutions that are guaranteed to give their businesses a lift. Membership is extended to those who choose NHC Pharmaceuticals as their preferred wholesale supplier.


Dedicated Attention: Have a dedicated relationship manager who attends to your needs and get speedy delivery of your purchases.

Inventory Management: Increase productivity and lower operational costs with proper management of inventory.

Product discounts: Be the first to receive information on product discounts from manufacturers. This is guaranteed to give you cost savings and increase your profitability.

Sponsorships to trainings: Receive partial or full sponsorship to trainings for any of your staff. This gives you an opportunity to update your knowledge and acquire new skills and competencies.

Practice Upgrade: Members can upgrade their practice by acquiring necessary tools and equipment based on needs.

Monthly E-Newsletters: Our monthly e-newsletters with information and tools for business success are circulated to our members.

 NHC Pharmaceuticals is licensed to carry out pharmaceutical services under the superintendence of Olaide Abimbola Soetan. As core professionals, we understand the need to maintain the highest standards in the handling of pharmaceutical products. We adhere to good distribution guidelines and have different standard operating procedures (SOP) for our activities. All transactions are properly documented, with a paper trail for every product leaving our office, putting us in a position to quickly respond to product recall if need be. 
NHC Pharmaceuticals represents many reputable pharmaceutical manufacturers and importers as distributors of their products. Some of these companies include Pfizer Specialties, GSK, Biofem, Bayer Schering, SanofiAvensis, Fidson, Swipha, Bentos, Emzor, Evans and many others.